Getting Mitsubishi truck parts online is a straightforward process with Sindaco. Simply request access to our catalogue online, browse the parts list, and place your order with us. We stock a variety of parts that include reconditioned brake parts and Japanese air brakes.

Reasons to Buy Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Parts

Here is a list of good reasons to purchase Fuso truck parts from us:

  • Spares. You might not need the parts right away, but having spares on hand is always a good choice. Should something go wrong, you will not have to wait to start your repairs and can instead replace the broken parts immediately.
  • Repairs. Should something unexpected break, you can browse our online shop or contact us to find out if we can supply the necessary spares. While we are mainly known for our Japanese parts, we can also supply Bosch, Clayton Dewandre, Knorr-Bremse, Haldex, Wabco, Meritor, and SDC parts.
  •  Upgrades. If you want to upgrade existing parts, we have some options to help you do it.

Fill in an Order Form Now and Get Your Parts Soon

If you know which parts you need, simply request stock from us through a call or an order form.