The factory-fitted brake calipers should last many years, even the lifetime of the vehicle. Unfortunately, its closeness to the road and location on the wheels means that the calipers are subjected to grime and mud, plus minor dings from curbs and yard debris. All of these can affect the working of the brake calipers and the safe handling of your truck. Reconditioned brake calipers are an excellent choice over after-market spares:

  • We have jointly developed a range of reconditioning kits for brake calipers suited to the requirements of Australian truck operators. Applying these kits in our modern workshop in Caringbah, NSW, to approved parts results in superior reconditioned calipers.
  • All calipers acquired for reconditioning are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All disc and air brake calipers are stringently tested for smooth operation before being made available for fitment to your trucks.
  • We have reconditioned rear brake calipers available for all makes of American, Japanese and European trucks commercially available in Australia. We use OEM brake calipers acquired from reputable workshops and scrapyards.
  • The brake caliper reconditioning kits are available for direct purchase, and we also perform servicing and overhaul of the brake calipers of industrial machines.

High-Quality Parts

Our reconditioned brake calipers that are based on the OEM component, are as durable, reliable and safe as a new OEM part. Our reputation for excellence is unmatched.

We are well known for the quality reconditioning of:

  • Air Brake Caliper
  • Compressors
  • Air Masters
  • Park Brake Actuators
  • Foot Valves
  • Hand Valves
  • Hydraulic Actuators
  • Hydraulic Caliper
  • Relay Valves
  • Spring Brakes
  • Brake Drum Machining
  • Brake Shoe Relining
  • Brake Shoe Machining

Straight off the truck


Ready to be rebuilt


Post reconditioning, testing and ready to go out