With any vehicle, regular servicing and repairs are essential to extend its longevity. For this reason, you require Nissan UD truck parts in Australia. By using high-quality parts, you can expect the vehicle to perform its best. Sindaco stocks a wide range of UD Nissan truck parts that are reliable, which you can acquire anywhere around the country.

What Nissan UD Truck Parts You Can Source From Us

We established our operation in 1994 and have developed a reputation for importing, reconditioning and distributing quality parts for Japanese vehicle brands, including Nissan. For your UD truck, you may require any one of these parts.

  • Brake lining. This material bonds to the steel of the brake shoes or pads. Wear and tear will lead to the lining deteriorating. You may hear a squeak, squeal or chatter when applying brakes, and the lining needs replacement.
  • Master cylinder. Like the brake lining, the master cylinder is crucial for stopping the Nissan UD truck. Essentially, this part converts the pressure or force you apply while driving into hydraulic pressure, which is responsible for halting the vehicle. The cylinder also contains brake fluid, which aids in braking. Sometimes, these parts can become brittle and fragile, causing them to fail. However, you can source the finest master cylinders in our store.
  • Apart from brake-related parts, you’ll find everything else you require to ensure the smooth running of your UD truck. We stock brake drums, studs, wheel cylinders, seals, and more.

Why a Reputable Dealer Matters

Purchase the correct parts for your truck repairs from a reputable dealer that’s known for the Japanese Air Brake.